Thursday,  April 15th

From Sushi Bar
-Nigiri Sushi or Sashimi-
slice all fish to order

Three Kinds of Premium Sashimi*  $45
4 bluefin tuna chu0toro from Japan, 3 salmon belly, 3 yellowtail from japan

Bluefin Tuna from Japan Chu-Toro* Nigiri Sushi (1piece) $8 or Sashimi (6 slices) $40

Ama-Ebi* Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces) $12
spot prawn, served fried heads

Hotate* Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces) $6
scallop, from Hokkaido Japan

Salmon Belly* Nigiri Sushi (2 pieces) $7  or Sashimi ( 6 slices) $20

Yellowtail* Nigiri Sushi (2pieces) $8 or Sashimi (6slices) $22
from Kagoshima Japan

Crispy Rice Sampler  $14
crispy rice topped with 2 pcs each of spicy tuna, california mix & salmon avocado w/ yuzu-jalapeno aioli

All Handrolls wrapped with Premium Nori (roasted seaweed) from the Setouchi Sea in Japan

Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan Handroll  $12
seared miyazaki wagyu beef

Grilled Simon Belly Handroll  $4.5
served open-face style

Bluefin Tuna from Japan Chu-Toro* Handroll $9.5

From Kitchen

Tempura Udon  $11.5
udon flour noodle soup, served with shrimp & vegetable tempura and soft-boiled egg

Yellowtail Kama  $12
grilled yellowtail collar, served with ponzu sauce

Salmon Kama  $7
grilled salmon collar, served with teriyaki sauce