Socks from China. When the price matches the quality.

But of course I will never buy them again. Yes, and the back of the sock comes to the ankle by 1.5 cm, no more. Encourage to buy or to refuse it. Let’s leave aside the issue of a reduced waist)) a sock, such a model, for an amateur, a connoisseur of a bare ankle, everything is honest here. In defense of the accused socks, I can say that in the same Lenta, socks are 2 times better (but not 8 times in any way) are significantly more expensive. And I couldn’t resist. Express your point of view on the lot.
Although I assumed that for such money to wait for something worthwhile – how to hope for an encounter with aliens at your bus stop tomorrow morning. What did not like. These three phrases simply called for a test purchase.
You can even say beautiful, most likely – it will fit in the household, probably, it will outlive its contents.

Socks from China.
For someone, these socks for 12 rubles are the limit of perfection and optimal pricing.
Of course, I understand that the standard of living, both the price and the quality of socks, is different for everyone.
When the price matches the quality.

I’m not good at Chinese, however, judging by the sticker on the package, we can assume that the socks are made of a mixed material, and at best 60 percent cotton in them. I suppose that not everyone is ready to pay for normal, non-disposable socks (for example, from Gamma, Orel), which I have been using with great pleasure for several years at 80-90 rubles. Judge for yourself: Yes, they stretched 28 cm, but at the same time, they were stretched sooo much, which, given the thin material, does not allow us to expect that they will withstand more than 1-2 trips. More , the socks look very small when I took them out of the package – I thought they would fit on the foot of a child of 10 years old. -28 cm). On their
29 cm))), I didn’t even try to pull it, I’m not a sadist. The purpose of the review is to show the face of a product that is periodically positioned on the musk as a promotional item. Although here everything can be individual.
Perhaps that’s all.
Socks. Perfectly translucent when stretched, which is good for air exchange, but bad for wear resistance. In any case, the material is very thin and stretchy. I’ll start with what I liked.
Happy shopping and best regards from HH… Touched to tears and a naive metal clip on the product. Cotton socks. And I do not advise you, with all my positive experience of interaction and respect for JD. Excellent personal zip-packing for each pair of socks. Cheap (12 rubles).
Not very long delivery in a traditional purple personal envelope (I respect people who honor traditions).