Nokia E1200 headphones: decent…

Nokia E1200 headphones: decent sound with the ability to adjust to your hearing.

Review of Nokia E1200 headphones with two connection options: via cable and via bluetooth.
1. A few measurements and listening impressions. Brittle bits of technical information in various languages: Back side: — cable for wired headphone connection
40 mm speaker drivers. Flannel bag with headphones and manufacturer’s logo and a pair of cables:
The three-pin connector goes to the headphones, the four-pin plug goes to the smartphone. And of course, instructions and warranty card: Packing, unpacking.
Pictures for those who are too lazy to read the characteristics: The microphone, as usual, is located on the cable: Photo of packing, main view:
Photo from other sides. 40 hours in wireless mode.
— cable for charging the built-in battery (USB – micro USB) Cables (larger photo): Box contents