J.Zao ZJLite toothbrush. Disassembly

The first thing that catches your eye is the J.Zao brand logo and the way it is applied at the bottom of the package. Claimed to work up to 25 days. Let’s return to the brush and briefly run through the appearance and features of work and design. Nothing special, it works and works. If you want cheap and cheerful, then look towards Lansung U1, but I will continue to use my Lenovo Lemei.
Since I have already done about a dozen reviews on various toothbrushes and represent an understanding of price / quality, but first of all it was interesting why the price for this brush starts from 2300r and for which interchangeable nozzles cost cosmic 800r per pair … But there is a cap, thanks for that too!

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The brush itself runs on 3.7V.
But then I remembered the price tag and “Wow effect” itself escaped my lips. Charging is carried out using an external docking station with magnetic fastening and wireless charging.
Front and back: I would also like to note the poor quality of the bristles of the nozzles.
Charging..2 wires not insulated in any way
from each other. The main difference between the modes is the number of vibrations. Well, at least a rubber ring was put on the back cover. I like moderate hardness, but here it is just not there.
The base of the rod has a rubber pad, so you can not be afraid of moisture from the nozzle. Suddenly, gold is poured there …
The electrical part is based on MX612E – DC motor drive, unknown mikruha CV8010 and HOLTEK HT66F003 – EEPROM A/D 8-Bit Flash.

J.Zao ZJLite toothbrush. Did I like the brush https://jiji.ng/osogbo/electronics? More likely no than yes. JD went down the beaten path again and sent out a bunch of identical electric toothbrushes.
Assembled in reverse order without any problems. The brush itself is made of soft-touch plastic with a single control and 3 modes at the top. The brush also has a timer to turn off (after 2 minutes) and a reminder to change the brushing area (every 30 seconds). Parameters – 5V | 2W, waterproof IPX7.
1100mAh 14650 battery. Is it worth the money, I think everyone understands that. Thanks everyone for watching!
Let’s move on to disassembly. Inside is a set of a toothbrush, one nozzle with a cap, waste paper and a wireless charger. Several reviews are already present on the site and in order not to produce duplicates, it was decided to disassemble the brush and check where the legs grow in pricing.
After I turned it in my hands, I didn’t have any wow effect.
But there is nothing to do, they gave me a test, I need to study. The most annoying thing is one, his mother Karl !, nozzle! I have never seen such greed from any other manufacturer. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Who knows what brand this is? Or is it really a J.Zao logo for the domestic market? Disassembly

But a replaceable nozzle costs as much as 400 rubles (but they are sold in a set of 2 pieces for 800 rubles).