Sushi de Handroll is a friendly, neighborhood spot specializing in temaki (sushi handrolls) and izakaya bites from executive chef-owner Mai Takase. We use only the best ingredients to create fresh, authentic and creative Japanese dishes to order. We welcome families, we love to please and are happy to accommodate special requests. Gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian dishes are marked clearly on our menu.

Besides temaki and izakaya bites, our Sushi de Handroll Menu also includes nigiri sushi, a wide selection of maki (cut rolls), sashimi, bento box combos and our popular My Omakase where you create your own 7-course meal.

Our Today’s Specials menu features seasonal dishes and other features chef Mai  is excited about.

The SDH Menu, Today’s Specials menu and Drinks menu are available for dine-in as well as for take-out or delivery.

Our Specialties


Temaki are sushi handrolls, filled with seasoned sushi rice and various fillings (raw fish if you like it; other things if you don’t!), and wrapped in nori (crisp seaweed). They’re called handrolls because you pick them up with your hand to eat them. They’re fun and delicious! Our sushi chef makes all our temaki to order, using the highest quality ingredients, including premium nori from the Setouchi Sea in Japan.

If you prefer, our sushi chef will prepare your temaki using rice paper rather than nori (as shown below).

Izakaya Bites

Delicious, crave-able dishes that are like Japanese tapas, izakaya dishes are designed to be enjoyed with beer or sake — but they’re also wonderful with a cocktail, Topo Chico, Iced Green Tea or Ramune (a Japanese soda). 

Check Today’s Specials for seasonal sushi, sashimi, entrees and other featured dishes.

Mosaic Sushi

Sushi de Handroll executive chef Mai Takase introduced mosaic sushi to Texas in February 2020, and it was an instant huge hit! Assorted pressed sushi, cut into bite-sized pieces and arranged in a gorgeous pattern, it is truly an experience. Each piece of mosaic sushi has a different beautiful garnish. We are honored that our original mosaic sushi was featured in Paper City magazine

Our 16-piece mosaic is available in the dining room or for take-out; a 48-piece mosaic is available for take-out only. Please call for availability.

SDH Handroll Kits

Everyone loves temaki made to order by our outstanding sushi chef, But when handrolls sit for a while, their nori wrappers lose their crispness. That’s why people love our exclusive SDH Handroll Kits: The nori stays crisp until you roll your own temaki. (And yes, we invented the D.I.Y kits!) They are available for take-out and delivery only.